Hey, I Know That Hair!

larry fitzgerald will play the pro bowl Hey, I Know That Hair!

The Pro Bowl (or, as I like to call it – “fantasy football come to life”) is this Sunday.  Playing QB for the NFC are Michael Vick, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees.  For the AFC, it’s Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Matt Cassel.  Yes, there will also be some familiar Cardinals faces – and HAIR – playing!

Look for interior lineman Darnell Dockett and strong safety Adrian WilsonGreg Jennings from the Packers WAS supposed to play wide reciever.  But, it seems he has some “other” game to prepare for.  Soooooo, here comes the hair!  Larry Fitzgerald will take his place.    See?  I told you the Cards would make it to a Bowl game ;-)

Get the complete lineup HERE.


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