“Win Barrett-Jackson Tickets On The KOOL Car Tunes Weekend!”

bj300 Win Barrett Jackson Tickets On The KOOL Car Tunes Weekend!

"American Art In Motion"

Ladies & Gentlemen…allow me to introduce to you, one of the most stunning examples of American automobile craftsmanship from the Golden Age of classic cars. 

This is a 1960, Chrysler 300 with front and rear bucket seats, a console and huge tail fins all before the famous Muscle Car era!  You will be able to see more than 1,500 of these incredible vehicles and more at the world famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction next weekend.  Best of all…you can WIN your way into the show for FREE,  just by being the 9th caller on The KOOL Car Tunes Weekend!  This Chrysler 300 is part of the private collection of Richard Carpenter. Yes, it is THAT Richard Carpenter as in the music legends Karen & Richard Carpenter.  You may see more photos of this car and many more of his very sepcial collection at www.richardandkarencarpenter.com.

“Pedal to the metal…baby” and let’s GO into the KOOL Car Tunes Weekend!

Lee Bortel


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