What Are You Doing On November 9, 2012?

craig daniel james bond 385x280 What Are You Doing On November 9, 2012?

That’s the day Bond is back. Daniel Craig has signed on to portray the legendary James Bond in the franchise’s 23rd installment, which will premiere on November 9, 2012.   Craig, 42, first slipped into the iconic role with “Casino Royale” in 2006, following up in 2008 with “Quantum of Solace.”  The new movie was supposed to start production last year, so what happened?

Production had been placed on hold while the parent studio, MGM, underwent new financing.  As for who  will the next Bond girl be talk is floating around it’ll be his alleged real-life love interest, Rachel Weisz.
Since it’s been a while since we’ve seen Daniel Craig as James Bond, here are a couple of clips to jog your memory as to how good he is in the role.


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