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keith richards Just The Fax, Maam

Technophobia: The fear of advanced technology.  Many people suffer from this.  My dad still refuses to buy a computer!  (Guess he won’t be reading this blog.)  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Keith Richards[/lastfm] is not afraid of technology.  He’s just a bit “late to the party” with his use of it.  According to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ronnie Wood[/lastfm], Keith only uses ONE method of communication: THE FAX MACHINE!

(Courtesy of Andrew VaughanGibson.com)

Technology fan Ronnie Wood has been talking about his Rolling Stones bandmate’s struggles with modern communication devices.

According to Music-News.com, he told Absolute Radio DJ Christain O’Connell that Richards’ preferred means of communication is the fax machine. He said: “Keith, he still communicates through fax, no other way but a fax. That’s why I never hear much from him because I ain’t got a fax machine. It’s fantastic; you get a message from Keith on a fax. You get ‘I don’t know when, I don’t know where, just get ready. Love, Keith.’ It means we may be touring sometimes in the next decade, I don’t know.”

Not all Ronnie’s rocker mates are stuck in the’80s, however; Ronnie’s old Faces pal Rod Stewart has embraced the art of the e-mail. Wood says: “I have had various e-mails, because Rod is getting very, very good on the e-mails, we’ve been doing to and fros lately, with sort of ‘How you doing, mate?,’ you know, blah blah blah. Who’d have thought that? Rod, I mean, it’s like he was never any good on the telephone – let alone the laptop.”

Wood, the youngest of the rocking trio, is proud of his cell phone knowledge, saying that he has “three old Nokias that sort of operate without a sim card, you know, it’s fantastic. I just swap the sim card in various areas. I’ve got my iPhone, which is my main thing, and lots of spares. You can get me on Twitter too.”

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