And Now . . . TLC Is Bringing Us An “Extreme Couponing” Series

coupon And Now . . . TLC Is Bringing Us An Extreme Couponing Series


A woman gets her $230 grocery bill down to $6.92! A decade ago, the idea of creating a successful show on “couponing” . . . or obsessively clipping coupons . . . would have probably seemed laughable.  Now, it seems pretty smart.  That’s “smart” because of the popularity of the History Channel’s “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” . . . and all the other pawn, auction, and antique-type shows . . . coupled with the current economic climate.

TLC has signed off on a new series called “Extreme Couponing”.  The network tested the idea by airing a one-hour special called “Couponing” in late December.  It drew 2.1 million viewers . . . and apparently that was enough to get TLC excited about a full-on couponing series.  There’s no word on a premiere date yet.

 Here’s a clip from the special . . . where a woman gets her $230 grocery bill down to $6.92.  And it got even a little lower right before the clip ends, when she reminds the clerk to give her the discount for bringing her own bags.


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