PET’S Choice Awards?

dog singing at keyboard PETS Choice Awards?

The People’s Choice Awards were on CBS-5 last night.  I’ll admit…I didn’t watch it.  I guess I don’t care about other people’s choices.  You know what show I WOULD watch?  The PET’S Choice Awards!  Anyone with an animal knows that the oddest things set them off.  Does your pet bark, meow, chirp, squeal or whatever to a certain song?  I wanna know what it is.

Have you ever seen Mishka the Karaoke Dog?  Even pooches get autotuned!

  • Jeffrey T. Mason

    Turns out I got more calls than blog comments. Some of the favorites are “The Joker,” “Frankenstein” and “Roxanne!” Lots of crazy guitar in those…

    Thanks for the calls, and feel free to leave more songs here!

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