Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

bekoolstayinschool header1 Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

Camelback Jack announced one of our Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School qualifiers this morning. Congratulations to Bryce Hodges.

bksis bryce Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

I am very excited that Bryce is nominated. He will be so deserving of any and all help he can get. The school does not understand how Bryce is getting A’s and B’s, with all that he has been through and still has a lot to over come. Bryce was mentally and physically abuse while I was at work. Bryce’s dad would Tazer him and much more (which his father did testify to tazing both children for fun, he stated that it is equal to tickling them, he said there’s nothing wrong with tazing the and he has been doing this to both of them for years). This came out in extensive therapy. Bryce tries very hard to hope that somebody cares. Bryce has not felt that anybody cares. If Bryce would win this scholarship, I believe he would then have hope. Bryce’s dream is to be a veterinarian, this has been his dream for many years. Bryce does not know he was entered for this scholarship.

If you know of a child that is deserving of being out NEXT Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School qualifier, click HERE.


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