How Would You Like Your $95,000,000?

powerball winner in arizona How Would You Like Your $95,000,000?

A winning Powerball lottery ticket worth $95,000,000 was sold in Fort Mohave, AZ.  Nobody has come forward to claim their dough…YET!  The winner has 180 days to come forward and choose how they want to receive their money.  The options: $3,166,666 annually for the next 30 years – or – $50,000,000 in one lump sum (pre-tax, of course).  How would YOU want your winnings paid?

  • Mz. Sanchez

    I would pay all this darn creditors that i owe… so i can get out of debit cause this is what slows down my life with all the stress in making sure they get their money ON TIME. that’s what it is all about these days money, money just not enough. then after all of this is established then life can continue with a whole lot of stress free then live to the fullest. then make sure my grandchildren are all taken care of since they are our future.

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