Olive the Abused Dog

olive1 Olive the Abused Dog

What a sad, sad world we live in to imagine that such cruelty can be shown to a defenseless animal. A woman who was jogging along the canal in Gilbert discovered a pomeranian-chihuahua mix Tuesday night, shivering, scared and left for dead. Deep lacerations were found along the dog’s back after she was found abandoned in the canal. The newly named Olive had emergency surgery shortly after being rescued and is expect to be fine. A police report has been filed and so far, things are looking up for Olive. However, she has a hefty vet bill and no one to pay it.

Donations to Olive’s vet bills can be made here:

The Olive Fund
Higley Road Pet Clinic
866 N. Higley Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85234

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