Suns Are Shining Again!

steve nash layin up Suns Are Shining Again!

Have you noticed the Suns are playing better?  They’ve won the last three games – one against our rivals, the dreaded Lakers!  This is the longest winning streak of the season so far.  It all started the same night Steve Nash made his divorce announcement.  Coincidence?

I know in MY life, when I suffer a setback or any emotional distress, I look for a distraction.  Who wants to be depressed or feel defeated?  I think Steve Nash is doing just that.

We know he and his wife have been separated for months.  It’s GOT to be a load off his shoulders to stop hiding it.  As sad as it is to see anyone’s marriage dissolve, they both need to start the rebuilding process.  (Hi, amateur psychologist speaking.)  I think he’s focusing more on his game.  And, being the “good guy” he is, I also think his teammates want to help him through the process.

Or, maybe all of that is malarkey.  It could be a TOTAL coincidence.  Either way, I sure hope it lasts!!!  R U ORNG?


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