i-Beatles? $150 Gets Everything!

bealtes blog i Beatles?  $150 Gets Everything!

Apple made a MAJOR announcement this morning.  The ENTIRE [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] catalog is now available for purchase on i-Tunes!  This “Fab” deal has been in the works since they launched 7 years ago.  While individual songs will start at $0.99, you can actually purchase the whole shebang for $150!  Yep.  EVERY Beatles song in the back catalog for $150.  WOW.

My question: If you could only buy ONE Beatles track, which would it be…and why?

Leave your answers in the comments section below.  I wanna hear from you!

beatles on i tunes i Beatles?  $150 Gets Everything!

(Courtesy of Charlie Sorrel Wired.com)

It has taken more than seven years, but at last Apple has brought The Beatles to the iTunes Store. If you are one of the rare people who is both a huge fan of the group, but somehow doesn’t actually own the music, you can buy the entire back-catalog at once for $150.

Ever since Apple started selling music downloads back in April 2003, there has been speculation as to when – if – The Beatles would be available on the store. The negotiations surely werent helped by legal troubles triggered by Apple Computer when it got into the music business and trod on the toes of The Beatles’ Apple Corp.

But after such a long wait, the offering at iTunes is pretty impressive. Even if you don’t want to buy the White Album yet again, you should head over and spend the morning checking out the freebies. There are enough videos to keep you distracted from work for a chunk of the day, including TV ads, a documentary of The Beatles first U.S concert at the Washington Coliseum in 1964, and a great highlight reel.

But the real meat is the music, and The Beatles Box Set contains everything: All the studio albums, the Past Masters collection, all A and B sides plus plenty of liner notes, photos and documentaries courtesy of the iTunes LP format.

  • crissy

    Come Together would be my choice!!
    $150 is a steal for the all their songs :)

  • justgillette

    the best song they EVER did was “PS I Love You”

    simple and perfect!

  • Stacey

    Just glad they wrapped it all up. I want to be able to get all my music from one place and now I can get more Beatles for my ipod. Gotta love that.

  • nora

    My reply would have to be: ‘No Reply’. I love that one!

  • BobbyH

    Super Duper! I’m so glad they were able to work it out!
    Sgt Peppers not so lonely anymore.

  • Jter

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Such a great song.

  • David D.


  • ian

    Now i can take my Beatles everywhere I go, even in my “yellow submarine”…..

  • Stevo

    I was never a Beatles fan…then I grew up. They are a simply brilliant group. “Can’t Buy Me Love” wins in my book…

  • Robin Banks

    happiness is a warm gun

  • Diane Angel

    BEATLES SONG-It would have to be
    song speaks for itself & put’s the message out there to everyone….
    PEACE & LOVE :)

  • http://www.koolradio.com Camelback Jack

    So many to consider, but I’ll go with, “In My Life.”

  • Tallman

    “Magical Mystery Tour” Step right this way into the Digital World…….”On Behalf of The Band I Would Like to Thank” Steve Jobs

  • http://www.koolradio.com Jeffrey T. Mason

    My favorite Beatles song is actually three. Whenever I hear “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End” from the medley on Abbey Road, the rest of the world fades away for a little while. Can I get the entire medley as ONE song? Probably not :-(

  • JEM

    I love the Beatles! One of the best groups :)

  • Domingo

    Hey Jude!!

  • bigshoestu

    The BEST catalog EVER. The legal battle has been fun to watch. I’m kind of sad it’s over (since I own almost everything the Beatles even came close to recording). It was the holy grail of iTunes. Oddly, I have a hard time choosing between “Please Please Me” and “I Am The Walrus” – seriously. Goo goo ga joob!

  • virginia flores

    i love the beatles because of lucy in the sky with diamonds because lucy was a very nice girl we are going to miss her very much

  • virginia flores

    paul is a very good singer when he ths song yesteday the beatles are my favorite beatle

  • Carole

    Cant Buy Me Love …
    Not sure I agree though… heheheh

  • Bob's Your Uncle

    I heard that after Michael Jackson bought the entire Beatles catalog from Paul McCartney, he left them to Bubbles. These songs are now owned by “The Situation” from Jersey Shore.

  • Tom Peake

    I’d have to go with “This Boy”, no wait… “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”. Hold on… I think I want”Paperback Writer”, or maybe “Nowhere Man”. No, I want, “And I Love Her.” I give up!

  • Rachael

    Finally my road trips will be complete!!!!

  • Ralph Davis

    Something to consider as a Christmas gift! My son Seth is a die- hard Beatles fan and lover of all their music. Ok, That’s one down five more to go!

  • Bob Tietz

    George Harrison’s Something is my favorite Beatles song. The words are beautiful and the guitar playing is great.Another song like that will never be made by anyone, ever!

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