Cool New 3-D Glasses!

20101104 megamind 450 Cool New 3 D Glasses!


If you plan on catching the new animated movie Megamind in 3D, which opens in theaters today, but don’t want to look like a geek in those cheap theater-issued 3D glasses, now there’s an alternative.

The eyeglass and apparel company Oakley has created a cool new pair of 3D glasses based on a prototype that was created for DreamWorks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg.  The glasses fit comfortably over standard eyewear, and the high-wrap curvature maximizes the viewer’s field of vision.  If you want a pair you can purchase one for $120 at 

3d gascan Cool New 3 D Glasses!

3D Gascan Glasses

Or, for another $30, you can get the limited edition pair!

3D Gascan Limited Edition Glasses

Here’s the website.


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