The Closest Election Ever!

election day 01 The Closest Election Ever!

Election Day

There’s been a lot of talk about this election, and many predict a lot of change.  Some of the races have been very close, and won’t be decided right away.  Ever wonder what the closest election in history was?

let’s go back to 1974. It was the closest election in U.S. Senate history and took eight months to decide. Two New Hampshire candidates – Republican Louis Wyman and Democrat John Durkin – battled it out in the tough post-Watergate political climate – and Wyman won with a margin of just 355 votes. But it wasn’t over yet. Durkin demanded a recount and the victory shifted to him – but only by 10 votes. Of course Wyman then wanted another recount which HE won by just TWO votes.

But wait, there’s more. Durkin petitioned the senate to review the case. It took months and ended in a deadlock. Unfortunately for Wyman, Durkin took him up on his proposal for a new election. A record breaking turnout gave the win to Durkin by 27,000 votes.


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