Will You Watch The World Series?

mlb world series 20102 Will You Watch The World Series?

Tonight marks the start of the 2010 World Series.  Being a huge Phillies fan, I realize this is going to sound like sour grapes.  But, I simply don’t think the Giants/Rangers World Series is going to bring in big ratings for Fox.  These are not teams with a huge national fanbase like the Yankees, Cubs or Red Sox.  Am I right or wrong?  Please take my poll.

  • Joel

    I’m a san fran native. Moved to the valley 11 years ago but the Giants are still my home team. The Giants draw record attendance at spring training. It may not draw the viewing of the Phillies vs Yankees, but guess what they LOST !!!

    • http://www.koolradio.com Jeffrey T. Mason


      OUCH! Twist the knife, why don’t ya ;-) Thanks for listening, buddy.

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