The Top 5 Signs You’re Watching A Bad World Series!

texas rangers vs san francisco giants The Top 5 Signs Youre Watching A Bad World Series!

Rangers vs. Giants

The Fall Classic starts today at 4:30 on channel 10, but should you spend a week of your life watching it?  Not a lot of people are expecting a great World Series between the Rangers and Giants, so I came up with this list.  Now, Maria saw no humor in it, but I thought it was very funny.  So…

#5  Both teams have a record number of Grand Slams…AT DENNY’S BEFORE THE GAME!!!

4#  Stephen Hawking throws out the first pitch.

3#  The designated hitters are Mel Gibson & Junior Seau.

2#  Just like your high school days, no one ever gets past second base.

#1  It’s the Texas Rangers versus the San Francisco Giants!

Here’s what some of the listeners thought of my list…


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