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shaila be kool Be KOOL, Stay In SchoolShaila has lived in a single parent household all of her life. Having a parent that needs to work, Shaila has not been able to do many activities outside of school. She also has a 6yr old brother and a 2mo. old sister. However, she still holds her goal to be a teacher and continues to put forward her achievements in her school work.

She has endured the electricity being turned off, seeing The Salvation Army bring food boxes to the family and also has been hospitalized several times due to her asthma.

Her goal is is to be a Special Needs Teacher. She has played school since the was in the 1st grade and continues to do so. She now helps her 6yr old special needs brother with his reading, spelling and math. Her patience level is incredible and what ever talent she has in teaching him, he listens and pays attention to her. During the summer while their mom worked, she walked her brother to and from school during the summer so that her brother could attend summer school for reading.

We have encouraged her to stay in school and study so she can go to college, however, we are afraid the funds won’t be there for her when that time comes. Shaila has earned several acievement awards/certificates up to and including Student of the Month in the 3rd grade, 4th grade Student of the Month; teacher even mentioned how she shows such interest in being a school teacher and the teacher expressed that would be an excellent career choice for her. 5th grade Language Arts highest grade. In 2000, Shaila participated in the MDA hop-a-thon, where she received a certificate of achievement.

Shaila loves to write stories and is always challenging herself to do the best that she can do. She participated in Young Champions of America pom/cheer for 2 semesters where she successfully demonstrated all requirements for advancement. She was also on the sheer squad her entire year of 7th grade at North Pointe Prep while keeping her grades up.

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