Smartphones Keep You Healthy

smartphone apps Smartphones Keep You Healthy

The concensus is that technology makes us lazy.  I’m here to prove the opposite.  Your smartphone wants to keep you HEALTHY!  And, no, it’s not all that finger exercising you do when dialing…

  1. TRAILHEAD.  It’s an app from North Face with a database of trails for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor stuff.  And it lets you read reviews and tips from other people who already tried them.
  2. RESTAURANT NUTRITION.  This one tells you everything you need to know about 19,000 menu items at 115 restaurants . . . including whether or not the meal you’re ordering contains something you’re allergic too, like nuts or wheat. 
  3. iFITNESS.  If you can’t afford a personal trainer, you can definitely afford the iFitness app.  It explains exactly how to do everything from a quick stretch to a major workout routine.  And it costs $1.99.
  4. NIKE PLUS GPS.  If you’re a runner, the “Nike Plus GPS” app can tell you how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, and what your top speed was.  And it also shows you a map of your route as you run it.
  5. PICKUP SPORTS.  It was just released in July, so there aren’t a lot of people using it yet.  But “Pickup Sports” lets you find pickup games in your area for basically any sport.  Or YOU can start a pickup game.


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