Halloween Candy Hierarchy

chocolate Halloween Candy HierarchyIn MY house we buy the “chocolate variety” bag of candy for Halloween.  The bigger the bag the better because WE WANT LEFTOVERS!  Having said that,  what is the FIRST candy bar to go…and what is still sitting in the bottom of the bag come NEXT Halloween?

* Snickers
* M & M’s (plain)
* M & M’s (peanut)
* Reese’s BP Cup
* Kit Kat
* Almond Joy
* Crunch Bar
* Baby Ruth
* Hersey’s Bar
* Butterfinger

Maria eats the Butterfingers or Reese’s first…ALMOND JOY LAST!
Tom east Snickers first and Butterfingers LAST!

Here’s what listeners thought…

What is YOUR candy hierarchy order?


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