Dress Like This Halloweenie

angry steward 2 Dress Like This Halloweenie

Forget Brett Favre.  Forget the Jersey Shore cast.  The way to go this Halloween is Steven Slater!  Remember the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant who went berserk and shot down the escape slide?  There’s still time to grab this costume for your office party.  Thank God.

The costume includes a flight attendant shirt with a blue tie and a rainbow patch, and a bandage to put on your forehead, since Slater’s forehead was cut when a passenger allegedly slammed the door of an overhead bin on his head.  However, you should know in advance that it DOESN’T come with any pants!  Nor does it come with two beers – like the ones Slater grabbed before he slid down the emergency slide.

CLICK HERE for the costume.


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