Tom Petty Take Two!

tom petty 344 Tom Petty Take Two!

Hey there KOOL Listeners! We are back at  U.S. Airways for the Tom Petty concert tonight. Sorry ZZ Top fans, but Chuck Barry will be opening tonights show. The KOOL fun and games department will be having Randy, our Karaoke man, ready with all your favorite tunes to sing. Also we have our Tom Petty and ZZ Top cut outs ready to pose for you. You can try to win our LAST pair of tickets for tonights show. Just come to the KOOL tent between 6-6:30 pm. You’ll get your chance.  The first act starts at 7:30 pm. So what are you waiting for? Come down to the US Airways arena on 1st Street and Jefferson. We are eager to see you!


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