Lady Gaga not the only one using MEAT as a fashion statement

letterman1new Lady Gaga not the only one using MEAT as a fashion statementBruce Willis poked fun at Lady Gaga Monday night when he appeared on CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman” wearing an all-meat hairpiece.


Bruce told Letterman his look was inspired by Gaga, who wore a controversial meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards last month. Willis said his toupee was made from top-shelf, organic ground beef sirloin, and joked about showering with the unusual hairpiece. He then whipped out a fork, sprinkled some salt and pepper on his head and convinced Letterman to take a bite. The “Late Show” host chewed the raw meat for a few seconds, but eventually rushed offstage to spit it out.
Bruce talks about showering with his NEW toupee…





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