Police Looking For Speeders…At Sky Harbor!

motorcycle speedtrap Police Looking For Speeders...At Sky Harbor!


And they are a little harder to spot than they are outside of the Airport.  The man wearing sunglasses, a hat and neon vest near Terminal 2 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport looked like he was taking a break from tidying the grounds.  But with the speed of a gunslinger, he pulls out a radar gun to check your speed!  If you’re speeding, he will radio ahead to a waiting car that will pull you over and give you a ticket.

The speed limit in many areas is35 mph, and even slower in construction areas and it will cost you big if you’re caught.  $181 for speeds up to 15 mph over… $201 for anything between 16 mph to 20 mph over.

speed Police Looking For Speeders...At Sky Harbor!


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