Got a Favorite Huey Song?

album greatest hits Got a Favorite Huey Song?

The KOOL Artist Of The Week is [lastfm]Huey Lewis & The News[/lastfm]!  What would the 1980’s be without Huey?  I will say this man still puts on a killer concert.  His music is so much fun.  I think I like every one of his songs.  But, I DO have a favorite.  It’s from the movie Back To The Future, but it’s NOT “The Power Of Love.”

Honestly, I’ve NEVER seen that video.  I’m not even sure it’s legit.  But, works for me!  What is YOUR favorite Huey Lewis song?  Leave a comment below!

  • Andrew Bland

    Every song by them is the best. how can you pick just one.

  • Jeffrey T. Mason

    Haha., did I know you’d comment? Seriously though. Do you have a fave?

  • Tom Peake

    This one is ok, but if you want to hear a REALLY GOOD Huey song, check out Tom Peake’s post about “KOOL Artist Wars.” He really has a good one. Signed, Sam.

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      Sam- I disagree! I think Jeffro picks the absolute BEST songs ever. He’s got a keen ear for music. But, you’re alright, too ;-) Your friend, Fred.

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