Do YOUR Calvins Still Fit?

 brooke shields calvin klein1 Do YOUR Calvins Still Fit?

I know mine sure don’t!!!  Thank you, tasty beverages.  Brooke Shields starred in those iconic Calvin Klein commercials of the early 1980’s.  She says hers still DO fit….sorta.

Shields, who was 15 when she taped the spot, told Ellen DeGeneres she recently tried them on. “They didn’t look pretty, but they fit. I got those suckers zipped back up,” the 45-year-old mother of two said. “They came up to here,” she said, motioning to her ribcage.

“They were so high. And I looked like a sausage in them but I was going to get those zipped up if it was the last thing I did so I can say that I fit in them.”


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