Too Much For Sesame Street?

blog230910 sesamestreet katyperry Too Much For Sesame Street?

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s scene with Elmo on Sesame Street has been PULLED from the show!  There was some controversy that Katy’s outfit was too risque for kids.  Remember when you couldn’t see this stuff until it actually aired?

  • Roxy Mink

    The minivan driving, frumpy soccer moms out there that got their grandma panties twisted up because of this video need to stop being jealous of a woman that can wear that type of dress. Afterall, it’s nothing more skimpy than what an ice skater wears, or the women on DWTS. Get over it!

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      Amen, Roxy! LOL

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