Impress J-Lo On MySpace

american idol logo1 Impress J Lo On MySpace

I wasn’t aware MySpace even existed anymore! I thought the world had switched to Facebook.  (CLICK HERE to be our friend.)  Well, it DOES exist.  And, it’s the new platform for American Idol auditions.  I guess [lastfm]Jennifer Lopez[/lastfm] doesn’t want to meet all the yahoos that can’t sing!  (For $12 million, she should be coming to YOUR house.)

Now through October 6th, Idol producers will accept audition VIDEOS through MySpace.  They can’t be longer than 40 seconds, and you must perform a capella…from an approved list.  Sorry!  That incredible ditty you thought up in between naps at work won’t cut it.  Also, just like the auditions we’ve come to know and “love,” you have to be between 15 and 28.

Here’s the link.  Good luck!  Remember me when you’re as big and famous as J-Lo’s booty😉


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