Adam “The One True Batman” West Is Getting His Own Comic Book!

batman2 Adam The One True Batman West Is Getting His Own Comic Book!


 Adam West. . . a.k.a. THE ONE TRUE BATMAN . . . is finally getting his own comic book.It’s called “The Mis-Adventures of Adam West”

It’s called “The Mis-Adventures of Adam West”.  It’s by that company, Bluewater comics . . . but it’s not autobiographical like the ones they make of other celebrities.  This one will be fictional, featuring Adam going on, quote, “a dimension-hopping adventure featuring encounters both fictional and within his real-life history.”   Adam himself says, quote, “That’s what I wanted:  something that was more Walter Mitty or ‘Pink Panther’, with adventure the kids will love, and action.” 

The comic will be out in the spring of 2011.  (–To read more about it, and to see pictures of the some of the book’s covers, hit up this link . . .CLICK HERE!


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