God-Grilla…World’s Largest BBQ!

BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill

Here’s something for your Labor Day BBQ… An engineer has created the world’s largest barbecue grill.  It can handle 1,000 sausages… or 500 hamburgers… or seven WHOLE lambs… or three WHOLE pigs… or two WHOLE cows!!!!

It takes 14 bags of charcoal to fill it up.  Here’s the specs… 11 1/2 feet tall, 16 feet across and 5 feed deep.  God-Grilla weighs in at 4,000 lbs.  According to the inventer, there’s a larger barbecue in Texas, but it’s a smoker, not a traditional charcoal grill.

imagesgodgrilla small God Grilla...Worlds Largest BBQ!



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