What movie should I see?

5131VEN What movie should I see?Well, now I’ve done it.  I’ve taken this blog to an all-time low.  Instead of entertaining or informing, I am begging for your advice.  See, I don’t go to the movies very often.  I’m a fan of Netflix.  My living room floors aren’t sticky, and I can always find a great seat.  But, I am in the mood for the theatre this weekend.  I have a movie in mind.  But, I have this sneaking suspicion I will be highly disappointed and walk-out halfway through.  Please click more and help me!

Here’s the movie I am “tempted” to check out:

I find Steve Carell hilarious.  And, some of the previews have been good for this.  But, after watching this particular trailer, I am thinking there are only 6 humorous points in the entire movie.  I’ve only ever walked out of ONE movie in my life.  That was “Ringmaster,” the Jerry Springer movie 12 years ago.  I’d hate to have to do that again – ESPECIALLY when movies cost $10!

Any advice?  Got a movie pick?  Or, maybe there’s a movie where YOU’VE walked out of the theatre.  Leave a comment below.  And, thanks:-)


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