We are just trying to help Deuce Lutui.

deuce lutui We are just trying to help Deuce Lutui.The Arizona Cardinals are a little concerned with the weight that Deuce Lutui has gained.  Deuce weighed in at almost 400 pounds when he signed his one year contract in June…just about 60 pounds more than his playing weight last year. 
Tom and Maria came up with some ideas to help Deuce lose the weight and be in the best shape possible for this years football season.  GO CARDS!
Feel free to add to the list.

Surround Yourself with Blue
Research has also shown that vibrant colors like red and orange stimulate the appetite. And what are McDonalds’ main colors? So wear blue and eat off blue plates if you have them.

Play Twister
This is a fun and easy way to improve your flexibility and strength. Think of it as a fun and bizarre way to practice new and strange pilates and yoga poses.

Challenge your teammates. See who can hoola the longest. This is a low-intensity way to exercise more. It’s fun, easy, and entertaining.

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