Chicken or Egg Study???

checkenandtheegg Chicken or Egg Study???

Which came first?

All our lives, we’ve heard the question, “which came first – the chicken or the egg?”  No kidding, a team of researchers has been working hard to answer this question!  Admit it, you’re curious –  aren’t you?  Read on…

According to scientists in England, it’s the chicken!  Damn, I had my money on the egg.

Apparantly, this is all based on a protein – Ovocledidin-17.  That forms the hard shell of the egg.  This ingredient can ONLY be produced inside a chicken.

Dr. Colin Freeman from Sheffield University’s Department of Engineering Materials says, “It had long been suspected that the egg came first, but now we have the scientific proof that shows that in fact the chicken came first.”

I sure hope they do a follow-up study to find out exactly WHY the chicken crossed the road.


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