Where have all the candidates gone?

arizona seal n4143 Where have all the candidates gone?“Long time passing…”

Last Friday, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin dropped out of the Governors race.  Yesterday, it was Buz Mills.  Without getting into politics, I’d like to share why this bums me out greatly.  You’ll say, “Jeffro, how can it NOT be about politics?”  Read on, my friends…read on!

Remember, this has NOTHING to do with politics.  I was taught to never discuss my religious or political beliefs in social gatherings.  This blog is NO exception!

It all comes down to NAMES.  Now, the two coolest names in the Governors race are gone!  How cool would it be to have a Governor named Dean Martin?  And, let’s be honest.  Can you see his commercial or drive by a campaign poster without saying aloud, “BUZ?”  I just like that word.  “BUZ!”  The fact that it’s missing a “z” makes it even more fun.

It’s looking pretty good for Jan Brewer – at least on the Republican side.  Being a fan of beer, I guess “Brewer” is a pretty cool name as well:-)


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