John Bon Jovi – update on the Friday night injury

meadowlands stadium 2 10 07 09 John Bon Jovi   update on the Friday night injury

This was taken Friday night before the injury.  Let’s just say he probably won’t be doing this again for a while. It had to hurt – official word is in and Jon Bon Jovi did indeed tear a calf muscle near the end of the show in New Jersey this past Friday night.  Here’s what he had to say:

“My calf muscle just blew out!  I got another leg.  I don’t need this one.  Don’t you worry folks, I ain’t got nowhere to go.  I’m old.”

Good news is it won’t prevent Bon Jovi from playing any of their upcoming stadium dates this summer (they’re in Ohio tonight).

Bad news is it’s gonna be a little painful.


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