Jeffro’s favorite Elton John Song

elton john 75 Jeffros favorite Elton John Song

Elton John and a hat.

[lastfm]Elton John[/lastfm] is our KOOL Artist Of The Week.  So, he’s been the topic of conversation around the hallways at work.  We even have a picture of him on the wall outside our KOOL studio!  This led us to figuring out our favorite Elton songs.  Tom Peake was torn between “Tiny Dancer” and “Your Song.”  Maria Knight went with “Tiny Dancer.”  They’re certainly classics!  MY favorite, however, is a bit surprising…to even ME.  In fact, you may not even remember this one!  It hit #7 in 1986.  Here’s the video…

I love most of Elton’s music.  But, for some reason, “Nikita” makes me feel really good!  I’m not usually into the slower, mushy songs.  This just happens to be an exception.  I hope you liked it, too!

What’s YOUR favorite EJ song?  Please leave a comment.

  • Tom Peake

    Jeffro…Nakita…really? I feel like I need to contribute to some pledge drive to help you. I’m more than willing to give $5! I hope it helps, and I’ll see you when get out. Tell Lindsay I said hi! Just kidding. Love ya bro! (Nakita really sucks though!) :-)

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      Tom- You’re not one of those guys who goes on “vacation,” then just sits at home doing nothing but rip your co-workers taste in music, are ya? LOL – go enjoy yourself! I’ll give YOU the $5!!!

      Lindsay and I have some things to do now. And, Nikita is awesome :-)

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