WHO goes there?

300px The who logo WHO goes there?According to an interview in Billboard, there COULD be another [lastfm]Who[/lastfm] tour.  [lastfm]Roger Daltrey[/lastfm] says, “We’re just working out what to do next.  We’ve got ideas.  We’re looking on probably being out there, hopefully if all goes well, in the spring of next year.  We definitely don’t want to stop.  We feel it’s the role of the artist to go all the way through life ’til you can’t do it anymore.”  Judging by their Super Bowl performance this year, I think they’ve already reached that point😦

There’s also the issue of [lastfm]Pete Townshend[/lastfm]’s hearing.  Pete suffers from severe Tinnitus.  He hears a constant ringing in his ears.

Can you imagine what the commercial would sound like???  I can!


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