Too Short?

Maria and Tom had a discussion this morning about fashion for guys.  Maria says no socks with sandals, no white ribbed tank tops unless you have the body for it, no baseball hats if you’re over 25 and no shorts above the knee.  Tom is guilty of the shorts faux paux.  Check out the picture by clicking MORE.
dsc00933 Too Short?OKAY FINE  Here is the REAL picture of Tom.

  • michelle pickle

    tom what were you thinking? now maria ls picking on you michelle

  • Anne

    Sorry, Maria is right…they’re a bit too short.

  • debisue

    nice thighs

  • Debbie

    Nothing wrong with if you have the legs for it….Tom it is okay by me. Maria unless he has ugly veins sticking out, it is okay.

  • Linda

    Too short! Sorry Tom…but when you sit down and they ride up…that’s not good.

  • Laurie

    Toooooooo short


  • P. McCullough

    I do agree with Maria, but…Tom has some really nice legs.

  • Laurie

    They are to short what do you mean tom they do not go to your knees


  • Debbie P

    As a woman who is over 50, I agree with Debbie (below). So it’s okay for Tom to wear them.

  • lois banks

    Maria – You have not seen short shorts! My husband is older than Tom and he is comfortable in shorts like Tom’s, but try to find them. He even has some cord shorts that are shorter yet and he looks great in them…. Those long things are very unflattering. Tom’s shorts are perfect and right for him.

  • Patrick Acton

    Well, they are about an inch to short. And for God’s sake man, if you are going to wear these things, get a tan or at least some color on your legs.

  • PMc

    OK, Where is the real thing?

  • Linda

    Well now that I can see the real thing…I think they look perfectly fine. And hey, he matched the shirt to the shorts…or did someone else dress him?

    • Maria Knight

      Linda- I keep telling you he dresses in “outfits.” He dresses himself…unless his dogs Sadie or Connor help.

  • GLO


  • Laurie

    Ok that is much better nice tan Tom

  • Becky Coan

    I personally feel that Tom’s shorts are just fine. I am from the old school when clothes fit better and OP shorts were the thing….now those were SHORT SHORTS!!! Tom has sexy legs and looks fine. The style’s of today make men look fat, slow and ugly……pants on the ground!!! need suspenders!!!

  • Shirin

    That is not bad at all….;-)

  • PMc

    No. They are not too short. They just look slept in.

  • M.E.

    Considering the way many guys dress, I’m sayin’ Tom looks fine. At least he matches. Good grief, they could be falling off of his butt – did you have the conversation about that stupid sagging look?

  • debisue

    nice legs but – – is it me or do his legs look like the Sears guys?

  • Lisa

    The shorts are perfect and Tom’s legs look great

  • Terri

    I think the shorts are fine my husband wears shorts that length and he is over 50

  • Julie F (kangaroo Lady)

    Shorts look great. Any longer and they wouldn’t be shorts! Legs look even better for over 50 !!!!!!!!!

  • Diama Musella

    Tom I don’t think they are to short and hey great legs.

  • betty

    great legs tom!

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