Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Going Door-To-Door As Jehovah’s Witnesses?

jackson michael red jacket Are Michael Jacksons Kids Going Door To Door As Jehovahs Witnesses? We all know that MICHAEL JACKSON’S kids were a little . . . overprotected . . . while Michael was alive.  But it sounds like his mother, KATHERINE JACKSON, is allowing them to get out a little more.

As you probably know, the Jacksons are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  And Jehovah’s Witnesses do that thing where they go door-to-door preaching their faith.

 –Well, a so-called “source” says that 13-year-old Prince, 12-year-old Paris and 8-year-old Blanket have been drafted into service . . . quote, “Growing up, Michael did it, too.  It’s an important part of their faith.  Nobody seems to know it’s them.”

 –The kids will also go to an actual school for the first time this fall.  They’re being enrolled in a private school in Los Angeles.


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