Buddy Holly got his star this week

And I have unreleased [lastfm]Buddy Holly[/lastfm] tracks.

candid shot 1958 r Buddy Holly got his star this week

J.T blogged earlier about[lastfm]Buddy Holly[/lastfm] getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week.  It’s an odd group that included [lastfm]The Go Go’s[/lastfm], Ed Harris, Ridley Scott, Slash, Louis Prima, Melissa Etheridge, Donald Sutherland, Oprah, The Muppets, Danny DeVito, Tina Fey, and [lastfm]Rascal Flats[/lastfm] among others.  In honor of Buddy getting his latest kudos, I went into the archives and pulled out a some unreleased Buddy Holly audio you may find interesting.  J.T. will love them for personal reasons. (he collects radio station jingles) 

Keep in mind the first four tracks are from well worn acetate discs from 1957-58.

These are a couple of clips Buddy recorded for Bob Theile (who worked at Buddy’s record label) and Murry Deutch, his music publisher.


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