Guys, if you enjoy hunting cougars, listen up:

obsession Guys, if you enjoy hunting cougars, listen up:Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession For Men’ has just earned the title of THE number one cougar attracting scent in the universe.
Let me  explain…
‘Obsession For Men’ doesn’t JUST attract 42-year-old women with fake blond hair and press on nails, it also attracts REAL, animal cougars.
At the Bronx Zoo in New York, zookeepers trying spraying rocks with different scents to see what would attract the big cats.  They wanted the cats to be drawn to the rocks so they would play around and not get bored. 
‘Obsession For Men’ was the HUGE winner.  The zookeepers aren’t really sure WHY the cats are so drawn to ‘Obsession,’  but they know it works.  Unfortunately,since it costs around $60 a bottle…they rely on donations to the zoo to fund their supply.

Maria use to like Millionaire by Mennen.  mennen millionaire  Guys, if you enjoy hunting cougars, listen up:

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