The Bankruptcy Express

 The Bankruptcy ExpressEveryone loves going to Vegas and blowing their money.  The only question is: how do we get rid of our life savings FASTER?  The car ride is just too long.  Planes are super fast, but they cost too much of the money you wanna blow IN Sin City.  Now, there’s an answer…

Get ready for “Desert Lightning!”  This would be a high-speed train route between Vegas and Southern California.  Genesis High Speed Rail America LLC is proposing the line, which would include an intersecting line from Phoenix!  This would run South from Las Vegas  and connect to an East-West route near I-10.

The project is said to cost $35 to $40 BILLION dollars (said in my best Austin Powers voice).  That’s almost what you blow in vegas one weekend…right?

If they can’t get it done, no worries.  There are at least two other groups attempting to create the same thing.  Viiiiiiivaaaaaa Las Vegas!


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