That Smell…

bloom scented meat billboard That Smell...


A roadside billboard can do all the photography tricks known to man to make food look yummy…but the best way to sell a  steak isn’t the sizzle, it’s the scent. 
That’s why,  BLOOM,  a grocery store chain in North Caroline,  has made a scent-bellowing flavored billboard that smells like black pepper and charcoal.
The thing about most food advertisements is that they have to make the food look appetizing in order to sell it, yet the main trigger of the drive to eat is the smell of cooking food.  In facts scent is the sense closest linked to memory and emotion.
The billboard torments drivers with the delicious taste and smell of meat.  It’s rigged with a powerful fan and scent cartridges.  Every morning and afternoon during rush hour (7-10AM and 4-7PM) between now and June 18, the meat will hit the fans. 
I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  Or maybe I’m just getting hungry because it’s breakfast time.  Either way, I want steak.


What would you like or NOT like to smell on a roadside billboard?


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