Hall and Oates are boycotting Arizona

hall and oates Hall and Oates are boycotting Arizona

Yeah, it’s over Arizona’s immigration law.  The pair issued a statement through their manager today saying they “stand in solidarity with the music community in boycotting Arizona at this time.”  Really?  Let’s go over a list of those who have been here since the law was passed and those who are coming to Arizona later this year.

Been here – done that:

[lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm], [lastfm]Heart[/lastfm], [lastfm]Carole King[/lastfm] , [lastfm]James Taylor[/lastfm], [lastfm]Mark Lindsay[/lastfm], [lastfm]The Turtles[/lastfm], [lastfm]The Buckinghams[/lastfm], Mickey Dolenz of [lastfm]The Monkees [/lastfm]

Coming to Arizona:

[lastfm]Cheap Trick[/lastfm], [lastfm]George Benson[/lastfm], [lastfm]Gladys Knigh[/lastfm]t, [lastfm]Smokey Robinson[/lastfm], [lastfm]Chicago[/lastfm], [lastfm]Doobie Brothers[/lastfm], [lastfm]Asia[/lastfm], [lastfm]Johnny Winter[/lastfm], [lastfm]Edgar Winter[/lastfm], [lastfm]Tom Petty[/lastfm], [lastfm]American Idol 2010[/lastfm], [lastfm]Kenny Loggins[/lastfm], [lastfm]Lyle Lovett[/lastfm], [lastfm]Chris Issac[/lastfm], [lastfm]REO Speedwagon[/lastfm], [lastfm]Pat Benetar[/lastfm], [lastfm]Barenaked Ladies[/lastfm], [lastfm]Charlie Daniels[/lastfm], [lastfm]Kenny Rogers[/lastfm], and some I probably missed.

With all these great shows coming to Arizona, who has time for these two pinheads?

Not me.


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