Suggestion for the Suns

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no lakers Suggestion for the Suns

I think I know how we can help the Suns come back in game two on Wednesday night.  It may seem unconventional and mean.  But, after a 128-107 loss, I think we should explore all avenues!

Remember game four against the SpursSteve Nash played some of his best basketball!  All the while, he had that cut – which I like to call the “Nash Gash” – above his right eye.  Why don’t we band together and rough up Steve a bit before each game?  Nothing crazy…just an innocent street brawl.  It seemed to have inspired him and even improved his game a bit!

OK, maybe not.  I guess that was more mean than unconventional.  How about we try it on Kobe Bryant or Pao Gasol?

JUST KIDDING!!!  Come on people…humor.

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