MOOOOLA, cash, dinero, cha-ching!

large marge thumb MOOOOLA, cash, dinero, cha ching!Large Marge here with a reminder…this is your LAST week to pick up your share of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  After Friday, I am out of here!  But I will leave you with some words of wisdom.  Some thoughts that have been passed down in the herd from generation to generation.
1.  Wake up in a happy MOOOOO’d.
2.  Turn the UDDER cheek and MOOOOO’ve on.
3.  Don’t forget to COW’nt your blessing everyday.

If you want to COW’nt $1000…click MORE…I’ll tell ya when I’ll MOOOOO!

The Quarter Million Moola giveaway.  TEN chances each week day to pick up $1000 in this CBS Radio multi-city contest.  Call 1-866 EASY WIN.   1-866-327-99-46 at 5:10am, 6:05am, 7:35am and 9:05am.    Be the 110th caller and  start COW’nting your cash.


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