I’ve got an UDDER $1000 to give to YOOOOO.

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large marge thumb Ive got an UDDER $1000 to give to YOOOOO.Large Marge here.  Just got off the phone with my BFF Daisy.  She lives in San Fransisco.  GUESS WHAT!  She HERD that my favorite band will be playing the FILLMOOOOO this weekend.  I am road-trippin’ it to see the MOOOOdy BLUES.  WOO-MOO.  This should be one wild weekend.  The last time I went out with Daisy…I ended up with my ear tagged and my nose pierced.  aaaaaah.  Those were the daze.

The Quarter Million Moola giveaway.  TEN chances each week day to pick up $1000 in this CBS Radio multi-city contest.  Call 1-866 EASY WIN.   1-866-327-99-46 at 10:45am, 11:20am and 1:15pm.   Be the 110th caller and  win the cash.  Wouldn’t that be GROOOOOOVY?

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