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BEEFIN’ up your wallet!

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large marge thumb BEEFIN up your wallet!Large Marge here.  It’s the LAST week to pick up $1000!  It’s the LAST week of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway!  After this week I will be standing in the unemploooooment line.  I am following up on job that I herd about.  I understand  the Secret Service wants to surround the President with a dozen cows…they want to BEEF of security.  HA!

The Quarter Million Moola giveaway.  TEN chances each week day to pick up $1000 in this CBS Radio multi-city contest.  Call 1-866 EASY WIN.   1-866-327-99-46 at 1:15pm, 2:20pm, 3:25pm and 4:10pm.   Be the 110th caller and beef up your bank account.

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