Did Tom cry at his daughter’s wedding?

wed 51 e1273666222605 Did Tom cry at his daughters wedding?There is no  photographic proof…..



Tom was honest and admitted that he didn’t cry during the ceremony but shed a few tears during the Daddy/Daughter Dance.
We are all very happy for Megan!

  • Laura V. Chavez

    She’s blessed to have you for a Dad. Congratulations!

  • Steve Goddard

    Tom –
    I didn’t get a picture of your shedding a tear (I tried!) but I’m so happy for you and Megan. I’m even happier not to get up at 3:15 amanymore!
    Congrats again to one of the greatest guys in the biz.

  • Kathy

    Don’t ever let anyone say that only whimpy men cry. My husband shed a few tears when our 1st child was born. I like a man who can show his sensitive side.

  • Pat Prideaux


    I was hoping to see a picture of you all spiffed up!

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