Changes For Photo Radar In The City?

phoenix1 Changes For Photo Radar In The City?Photo radar on the freeways will end on July 15th.  But what does this do to photo-enforcement programs in cities and towns around Arizona?

Nothing.  But there will be some changes because of the law this session banning the presence of cameras in certain areas.  The new law now bans the presence of cameras within 600 feet of a posted speed-limit change, which might require cities to make some changes. Some, including Tempe, are reviewing their camera locations to ensure they’re in compliance.

Last year, Tempe installed flashing lights to alert drivers to a camera’s presence in a hot spot on Rural Road.

“It’s not a gotcha (anymore),” Tempe Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian said. “The purpose is to get drivers to slow down. It’s all about safety.”


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