Baseball or TASEball?

tasrerphils Baseball or TASEball?

Did you see the fan who ran on the field during last night’s Phillies/Cardinals game?  He was 17 years-old and ran around the field waving a white towel.  Philadelphia Police chased him all over the park and eventually tasered him!  This was in front of 40,000+ fans.  So, you know there is video.  I’ve got it here…

Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore said the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau will examine if the use of the Taser was “proper use of the equipment.” 

The teen, who has not been named publicly by police because of his age, is being charged with criminal trespassing and other offenses.

Do you think the taser could spice things up in the sport?  Many think baseball is pretty boring.  Instead of tagging someone out, tase them out?  I dunno…just spitballing here.


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