Game 6 Tonight In Portland!

channing GO SUNS!
Channing Frye in Game 5 – YES!

Once again I will not have the TV on here in the studio – way too distracting.  Kathy will record it for me.  When I

get off tonight, a midnight snack, fast forward through the commercials, and try not to wake up the neighbors!

Portland continues to try and shut out Amare with the double-team.  Alvin Gentry commented on their strategy: “The thing I like about it is Amar’e has been more than great with it.  He’s been more than fine with it. He said, ‘As long as we’re winning, if they are going to double-team or triple-team me, I’m going to get it to the guy with the open shot.’ ”

Did you hear Nash’s quote using the stock market as an analogy??Suns guard Steve Nash, on waiting out Portland’s 10-for-11 early shooting Monday: “It made it feel like we were running uphill, but I just felt like we had to think of things as long-term and think of it as the stock market. We’re not day traders. We want to be very conservative and long-term in our investment in transition.”


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